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Sch.Time Flight No. Destination Remark
Schedule 6:18 PM  G9 294 SHARJAH DEPARTED
Schedule 5:27 PM  TK 383 IST-ATATUR DEPARTED
Schedule 5:42 PM  A9 627 PARIS-CDG DEPARTED
Schedule 5:45 PM  A9 747 COLOGNE DEPARTED
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Dear Passengers

Primeclass CIP Service offers comfortable ambience and high-class service

The Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral commonly known as Sameba is the main Georgian Orthodox Christian cathedral…

The Bridge of Peace

Located in the middle of the old city gives a unique view to the Metekhi Church and Narikala Fortress on one side...

Freedom Square

Freedom Square is the main square of Tbilisi, where The Freedom Monument is erected, commonly known as the...

EV Charging Station at Tbilisi Internati...

There is an electric car


Increased Passenger Traffic at Tbilisi a...

In 2016 Tbilisi and Batum


New Car Park Area

New Car Park Area is avai


Visa Procedures

Information about Visa for Georgian & foreign citizens