Car Park Subscription

The car park is designed to comfortably accommodate all airport customer requirements. In addition to a comfortable and safe parking area provided for vehicle owners, the standard of service is augmented through the use of the latest technology.

There are 2 entry and 2 exit points in the main car park in front of the terminal. Vehicles enter the car park through the electronic entry barrier. Total car park capacity is 658 cars.

Besides the main car park, on the right side of the terminal there is a CIP Primeclass car park, where there is one entrance and one exit passing the electronic barrier. Payment is made to the cashier at the payment point situated just right of the exit.

There are two payment staffed by cashiers situated at the exit of the car park.

Daily Charges
Type of Service Parking
1 Hours
Parking Between
1-3 Hours
Parking Between
3-6 Hours
Parking Between
6-12 Hours
Parking For 24 Hours
Parking Fee 3,50 4,00 6,00 8,00 13,00

Monthly Subscription
Airport firms and Staff 25,00
Others 130,00

Principles of Application:

1- All prices are in GEL and include VAT.

2- No charges will be applied upto 5 minutes stay in Main Carpark

3- This tariff is implemented on June, 17th 2011 and executed by TAV Urban.

4- 30 GEL including VAT will be taken from the customer as a card deposit. This fee is also applicable in case lost or damaged cards and second card for Governmental bodies because of same reasons. No charge will be applied to governmental bodies for first cards.