Health & Safety

Health & Safety

TAV Georgia treats Health and Safety as the highest priority among the areas within its responsibility. Great measures are taken to ensure that Health and Safety procedures within the organization are followed. This creates a better working environment and helps to avoid any potential hazards or conditions that may cause risks to our health.

TAV Georgia believes that it is absolutely necessary that all health and safety procedures outlined in work orders should be followed precisely to protect passengers, visitors and airport personnel from any accidents or mistakes made that may potentially cause accidents.

The quality of work performed by our staff is their pride and quality work is achieved as a result of following health and safety procedures precisely in a healthy working environment provided by the employer.

The main goal at TAV Georgia is a safe, productive and quality work environment. Our staff, together with their employer, maintains safety for their own well being and for the happiness of their families. 

TAV Georgia has a firm program in practice and a policy with an emphasis on health and safety.

Legal Outline

TAV Georgia implements initiatives in accordance with Local and International Health Safety and Civil Aviation Regulations. In case of absence or insufficiency of the above, procedures applicable to the sector or international practices are followed.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Health Safety Policy, which is outlined by Health Safety Officers and approved by the Management, is reviewed, updated and managed by Health Safety Officers. All staff work together as a team to achieve goals set within the policy. All departments are responsible to take and implement necessary actions individually.

General Principles

TAV Georgia guarantees the conduct of all its activities in accordance with Health Safety guidelines. Our goal is to achieve a high quality of Health Safety for our staff, airport visitors and passengers while we provide effective aviation services. To succeed in this, TAV Georgia has outlined the following principles:

  • A systematic and creative approach has been adopted by complying with international standards, legal regulations and codes of conduct of each country with regard to Health Safety within the responsibility areas of our organization.
  • Management Systems have been established within organizations to identify the factors that may lead to work-related and occupational illnesses, define and analyze risks, protect the personal health of staff, transform the working conditions of organizations into healthy and safe platforms, arrange procedures and functions for taking necessary precautions and remove completely any potential danger, putting all of the above into practice. 
  • Health Safety measures improve manpower and working efficiency as well as contributing to the competitiveness of organizations.
  • In respect of safety and efficiency; the target is to improve the know-how of the staff through training, increase social and cultural activities, and maximize spirit and motivation.
  • TAV Georgia treats Health Safety as a top priority in all its functions, encourages and supports its partners and suppliers in this respect.
  • With the principle in mind that Health Safety improves through employee contribution, working efficiency is monitored continually.
  • It is the joint responsibility of TAV Georgia personnel to transform the improvement in Health Safety into a sustainable practice through the use of information and results-oriented data analysis obtained by regular reviews of staff.

TAV Georgia monitors Risk Analysis procedures based on hazards arising during practices. Hazards identified during risk analysis: 

  • Probability
  • Level
  • Frequency (frequency of encountering a given hazard)

It is ensured that risks are within acceptable standards by planning corrective and preventative measures related to deficiencies identified as a result of functional interaction.

With continual responsibility, works are carried out to establish preventative measures based on source, level and effects of hazards. Top Management consistently supports the works carried out in Health Safety to achieve the goals and targets specified in this respect. All staff considers it as part of their job to follow all procedures outlined in the works on Health Safety, goals and targets and other legal and necessary practices.

Related to Health Safety at TAV Georgia in general:

  • The Health Safety Policy is established.
  • Goals and measurable targets on Health Safety are defined.
  • To remove the occurrence of hazards during our functions; Risk Analyses are carried out and reviewed by teams consisting of staff who do the work/instruct the work to be done/check the work.
  • Training for all personnel is provided by authorized experts trainers on Health Safety.
  • Necessary personal protective gear and products for all work covering all activities of the organization are provided for the staff, ensuring these are being used during work.
  • Formative and corrective work is carried out to prevent risks at the source.
  • Necessary health checks on all staff are performed regularly.
  • Occupational training sessions are organized to improve staff efficiency.
  • Health Safety officers within the organization have regular weekly and monthly meetings. All decisions made during these meetings are put into practice.

With its responsibility for Health Safety in mind, TAV Georgia promises to continue to work in accordance with a continual improvement model and to ensure that this work is sustainable.