Visitors to Tbilisi have a few options for getting around the city and to other cities around the countr y with public transportation.


A ticket should be obtained as soon as the passenger gets on the bus .

Those traveling without a ticket will be charged 15 GEL.

Passengers using the traveling card receive a discount

Traveling cards are sold in every subway station. The passenger pays 2 GEL and recharges the card according to the desired amount. The travelling card enables you to travel by bus and by subway.

Discount works in the following way:

1st; travelling (either by subway or bus) - 40Tetri; 2nd - 30 Tetri; 3rd - 20 Tetri. Additional trips by subway or bus are 20 Tetri.


There is an underground train network that connects most major areas around the city of Tbilisi and operates every day from 06:00 to 00:00. Two lines and twenty two stations are available. Most stations are underground and only two - Electrodepo and Didube - go above ground. The Metro is the fastest and most comfortable means of transportation as well as the most popular . Lots of people use it daily, saving time and energy. A single ride on the metro is possible by buying metro coins for 0.40 Lari. Plastic travel cards are also available.


Railway station “Airport” is the cheapest and the easiest mean of transportation as it connects; Tbilisi central railway station with the airport. It is located 70 meters away from the airport building. The; new; station is of; modern architectural style . It is semi-circled decorated with golden windows . On its façade the laser clock is installed. The comfortable trains made in Georgia run on the lines of the railway . Each of them has the capacity of 100 passengers. The passengers by means of the new station trains; get to the airport in 20 minutes. The fare is 0.50 GEL.


Taxes are one of the best ways of getting around the immediate city and can be taken right in the streets ;  they can be found almost anywhere.; Fares are very affordable, and should never cost more than a few dollars USD.; Generally, taxis will be waiting outside of major public areas such as airports, train stations, bus stations, and large hotels.; Taxi is the fastest transport mean in Tbilisi, it is the only one from the public transports available;for 24 hours. Despite the fact that; taxi can be stopped at any place; of; the city, one can order taxis without leaving home by dialing one of the numerous taxis companies. The operator will tell the price of  a ride.

"Tiko" LTD

Phone: 200 200

Tariff- with agreement

Vehicle: Nissan

Express Taxi

Phone: 910 607 - 912 005 - 420 111

Tariff- with agreement

Vehicle: Opel


Phone: 003

Tariff - with agreement

Vehicle: Mercedes, Opel

Service center

Phone: 008

Tariff - with agreement

Vehicle: Mitsubishi

Omega Taxi

Phone: 377 877

Tariff- with agreement

Vehicle: Mercedes, Opel

Service Lux

Phone:535 535

Tariff - 0, 60 GEL

Vehicle: Toyota

Auto-Gaz Nostalgia

Phone: 911 414 - 363 127 - 939 100

Tariff - 0, 30 GEL

Vehicle: Mercedes, Volkswagen, Opel, Gaz-31