Primeclass CIP Services

Primeclass CIP Services

All Prime Pack guests, Priority Pass Card holders and contracted organizations may benefit from a special and privileged service offered at TAV "primeclass," a part of CIP Service offered at the International Terminal. The lounge, which is open 24/7, offers facilities including cable and wireless internet, TV, daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines as well as a snack bar prepared by BTA Complimentary Services where wait service is also available in a relaxing atmosphere away from flight announcements.

Whether you're arriving or departing the CIP Service of Tbilisi Airport offers personal care in a pleasant atmosphere as well as outstanding flexibility, comfort, convenience, a high-class ambiance and quick, uncomplicated handling for those who want to begin or end their trips without stress. CIP service may be enjoyed by anyone traveling by business class or simply by pre-booking, with the aid of our exclusive CIP passenger service staff.

Prime Pack Departure: After booking via e-mail or facsimile transmission, the departing passengers are greeted at the terminal entrance with CIP agents and personal porter, who do all the procedure connecting to luggage. After this we accompany with the passengers to the passport control. CIP agents welcomed her /him in the special lounge beyond the passport control where they can enjoy the following services free of charge: all alcoholic drinks, hot & cold beverages, aperitifs, snacks, internet access, facsimile and photocopy services. They can watch television, read the dailies and rest until the time of departure.

Prime Pack Arrival: When the passenger arrives, they are greeted by CIP staff with the porter (who do all procedures connecting to the luggage, which is bringing it to our special arrival lounge) and brought to the special lounge at the terminal by VIP vehicles. In the arrival lounge the passengers will be greeted by security representatives, border-guard representatives and the customs’ staff. If the passenger needs Visa Service passenger can take it on the place without the queue. CIP staff cares about the guests who wish to greet their passengers! After having their drinks at the bar for free in the comfortable atmosphere, all they have to do is wait for the plane to land...

Prices :

PRIME PACK CIP ARRIVAL - 110 € (including VAT) 


ONLY CIP LOUNGE SERVICE - 50 € (including VAT) 

Infants below 6 years old are free of charge.

Primeclass CIP Service

Phone: +995 32 310 330; +995 32 310 331