Useful Tips

We Would Like to Call Your Attention To The Following Security Issues:

1 If security is thought of as a chain, the strongest link in this chain is the people who use the airlines: In other wordsYou!

2 If you haven't prepared your own luggage or your luggage has been taken to the airport without you attending to it, please inform the security staff about this.

3 Please inform the security staff of any suspicious behavior of others during the security checks, at the terminal or on board.

4 If you notice any luggage, mobile phone or packages left behind on board while leaving the aircraft, please let the cabin crew know.

5 Do not accept any luggage or package from anyone due to excess weight etc. during checkin.

6 Please assist the security staff while they talk you through the procedures, bearing in mind that this is for your own safety.

7 Please keep in mind that any illegal activity in our airports or on our aircraft will negatively impact our country.

9 Ask for information from airline companies regarding Barred Commodities on board or at the sterile areas or visit our website.