Disabled & Special Need Passengers

Disabled & Special Need Passengers

Services for the disabled and handicapped

If you have a disability of any kind or mobility is reduced and need help at the airport, you should always book assistance in advance with your airline or your travel agent. This is so that we can have the right help and equipment ready for you. 
Please follow these simple steps:

At the time of booking your flight or at least 48 hours in advance of traveling, please contact your airline directly or via your travel agent to book assistance.
You should also tell your airline if you intend to take your own mobility aid such as a wheelchair or scooter.
If you are unable to book assistance in advance, then please make your way to the information desk or to the special assistance stand located at the entrance of the Departures Terminal and dial the number to speak to a member of staff who will assist you.  You can also report directly to the check-in counter and get assistance.

Your assistance will continue for as long as you need it on your journey.

If you have booked special assistance and are unable to travel through the airport without a carer or companion, we will ensure that they can accompany you throughout the entire journey. If you are traveling in a larger group then it would be best to nominate one person to stay with you. 

Traveling with an assistance dog

Assistance dogs are the only dogs allowed into the terminal buildings except for those animals traveling on flights.
It is important that you make sure your airline is aware that you are traveling with your assistance dog at least 48 hours before you travel so that you are given help at Tbilisi Airport. When you arrive at the airport please go to the information desk or to the special assistance stand located at the entrance of the Departures Terminal and dial the number to speak to a member of staff who will assist you.  
Please make sure your dog has the necessary documentation to fly, including those set out in the regulations of the countries you are traveling to and from.

Traveling with medical conditions

If you are traveling with pre-existing medical conditions and need special assistance, please inform your airline or contact the customer service of your airline well in advance. 

Traveling with medical equipment
Normally breathing devices such as personal oxygen concentrators (POC) and apnea breathing devices (CPAP) are permitted on board, but airline approval is always required. CPAP machine needs to fit on the carry-on baggage allowance. Please contact your airline directly. 
Traveling with a wheelchair or other mobility aid
You are welcome to travel with your own mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or walkers, but please do advise your airline in advance.  
  • Departing from Tbilisi Airport
If you are flying from Tbilisi with your own equipment you can take it right up to the departure gate. Please make sure your airline knows in advance that you'll be traveling with your own equipment.
If you are traveling with an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter staff will meet you at the departure gate to help you make sure your scooter is safely turned off for the flight or your wheelchair folded. It helps us keep delays to a minimum if you know how your device works in advance.
  • Arriving at Tbilisi Airport 
When you arrive at Tbilisi Airport, your wheelchair or mobility aid should be there as you disembark the aircraft.
Staff will unload your wheelchair or scooter from the hold along with the other baggage and cargo that is carried in the hold. Once this has been unloaded, it will be brought up to the aircraft door via the nearest lift.
In the unlikely event that your mobility aid is lost or damaged during a flight, then please report this immediately to the airline. You will need to complete a report in the baggage reclaim hall and you will get a reference number. 

Ambulift and steps

Some aircraft are connected to the jetty by an airbridge, but others use a flight of stairs down to the tarmac. If you’re unable to take the stairs or the airbridge, special assistance staff will use a vehicle called an Ambulift to assist you off of the aircraft. The rear section of the Ambulift can be elevated to meet the aircraft door, before being lowered to bring you to ground level. After this, you’ll be driven a short distance to the terminal building. Special assistance staff will be with you to assist during the process and will assist you with your journey along the arrivals route.

Children traveling alone and young travelers

Airlines have varying policies and fees when it comes to children flying alone and there are no international guidelines for unaccompanied minors. 
Some countries' immigration departments require additional documentation for all children traveling into, out of, or transiting through their country. In addition, some countries have specific requirements for unaccompanied children, children traveling with another person other than their parent or guardian, and those accompanied by only one parent/guardian.
The extra documentation that you may require varies depending on the country, so please check with the relevant country authorities to make sure you have everything you need before you travel.

Directions : Wheelchair Assistance Service info

For Wheelchair Assistance Service please contact us: +995577999406

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lost & found Office is located right next to the baggage claim area in the Arrivals hall.
For detailed information please click: www.mof.ge
Smoking is allowed only at designated smoking areas at the airport
Each airline has different procedures for domestic animals. You must inquire about this with your airline company. Most airlines do not accept birds and rodents into the cabin. These types of animals may travel in the cargo section of the aircraft. There is a restriction on the number of domestic animals accepted into the cabin.
We recommend passengers to be at the airport 120 minutes (2 hours) prior to their flight.
For detailed information please click
It is located in the middle of the Arrivasl & Departures Hall of the terminal, where qualified doctors are ready to provide medical assistance 24 hours a day.
Phone: +955 32 310 345 / +995 32 310 467
Information regarding customs procedures can be found at: www.rs.ge